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Hey, friends! It's me, Karlie!

Oh hello there 😊 It's been a hot minute since I popped by & introduced myself!

I'm Karlie & the creator of Karlie's Kitchen. Cooking is my passion & something I absolutely love to do. It's my space to be creative, take risks & most of all, feed my family & friends some delicious food!

My goal when starting this blog about 3 years ago was to share healthy, quick & delicious meals. While that is still my main focus, I also like to share easy desserts & tasty snacks too!

When I'm not in the kitchen, you can find me spending time with my husband & brand new baby boy hanging in our back yard with our big pooches splitting a bottle of wine around the fire.

Here are a few fun facts about me!

1. I've ran and completed 4 half marathons & complete 2 duathlons. Hoping to compete in more in the future!

2. I LOVE The Office. I *think* I've watched it through 8 times? I've honestly lost count haha I even finished 1st a trivia night all about the show!

3. My dream vacation would be to Greece or Iceland.

4. I love true crime podcasts even though they freak me out 🤣

5. A big bowl of pasta, anything lemon raspberry or dipped cone with nuts are a few of my favourite treats 😍

Thanks for stopping by & for all the support on my page! Every like, comment & share really means the world to me. When you send me photos of my recipes that you've made is really the best feeling! So thank you so much. Here's to more recipes coming your way!

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