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Easy Recipe Substitutions

Hey there! Check out these easy recipe substitutions below! Most are items you will already have on hand 😊 Happy cooking!

If you're running low on EGGS, try:

--> 1/2 mashed banana

--> 1 Tbsp ground flax seed + 3 Tbsp warm water

--> 1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce

(Per 1 egg)

If you're running low on FLOUR, try:

--> using a food processor or blender to grind up oats

(Use equal ratio flour to oats)

If you're running low on SUGAR, try:

--> 1/4 cup honey

--> 3/4 cup pure maple syrup

(Per 1 cup sugar)

If you're running low on BAKING SODA, try:

--> 4 tsp baking powder

(Per 1 tsp baking soda)

If a recipe calls for BUTTERMILK , try:

--> 1 cup milk + 1 Tbsp white vinegar OR lemon juice & let sit for 15 minutes

(Per 1 cup butter milk)

If you have PLAIN GREEK YOGURT on hand, try:

--> subbing in equal amounts for recipes using mayonnaise or sour cream

--> subbing 3/4 cup for recipes using 1 cup of oil

If you have CANNED BEANS on hand, try:

--> adding to soups, stews, pasta bakes or salads for added protein


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