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Healthy Travel Snacks

Hi from the West Coast! I’m so excited to be here with my husband on our honeymoon! We’ve got tons of exploring planned & are going to hit up some great restaurants. But with that in mind, let’s talk Travel Snacks!

One of my greatest temptations when travelling is trying all the new restaurants and snack shops wherever we are. Not only do the tasty treats have tons of calories, fats and sugars, it is also so costly to stop every time you need a pick me up. One of the easiest ways is to be prepared with snacks of your own! Some good ideas are:

- trail mix

- protein/granola bars 

- cheese 

- easy to snack fruit (bananas, apples etc)

Putting these treats into our back pack while we go out exploring so I can really enjoy a treat when the time is right...like a few Laduree macaroons maybe?! 😋

- Karlie 

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